Listener Comments

"I just called, using the phone number. It was so easy. Glad you guys added this new feature"... Gail, Phoenix, AZ

"What a great Idea. All I had to do was make a phone call to hear Ed (Ed Tyll Show)"... Dan, Chicago, IL

"WOW.. You guys are now a simple phone call away. Fantasic"... Josh, Mobile, AL

"You guys live up to your name...Keep up the good work"...Brian, Chicago, IL

"You guys still ROCK. Glad to see 'Beatle Brunch' is still in your line-up"...Marie, St. Louis, MO

"Man, I don't even need a smartphone to hear the shows I like. A simple phone call, how easy is that. Way to go."... John, New York, NY

"Love the new way to listen to my favorite shows. You all ROCK."... Henry, Green Bay, WI

"I hate those smartphones, too bulky. Now I can actually make a simple call. How wonderful is that." Anna, Fort Smith, AR

"Easier than fumbling with my tablet. You guys outdid yourselves. Thanks." Marie, Cedar Rapids, IA

And Here is what we are hearing Internationally

"So easy. Now I can hear Ed, my kind of man"... Leo, New South Wales

"Thank you all. It is so easy to hear you now." Adam, Hamburg, Germany

"Simple call connects me... How awesome is that. LOVE it." Shawna, London, UK

"Now I'll be able to hear my favorite shows when I get transfered." Megan, Okinawa, Japan