All station revenue from August 1 to December 31st will go to charity

07/17/2010 06:19

Station owner, Jan Starks, announced Friday that all revenue recieved by this station between August 1st and December 31st will be donated to such organizations as This Way Out and Muscular Dystrophy. As Jan puts it, "(This) is our way of giving back. These organizations need our total support and if my station can help in a small way, maybe then, others will do the same."

Asked why this drive is taking place, Jan explained, "Muscluar Dystophy is a killer that can be cured in our lifetime and if every American would simply donate $2.00, that would give Jerry and his Kids in excess of $400 million to find the cure. The same applies to "This Way Out", if everyone in the LGBT community would make a smular donation, it would easily exceed $1 million, then the issues of the LGBT could be heard and addressed to a much wider audience."

How can you help?? Go to our Feedback page and leave us your email address and we will contact you with further details, or simply make your donations direct:

For MDA go to

For "This Way Out", go to 

Your donations are greatly appreciated.